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Windows can provide a beautiful frame for your view to the outside world. Today’s windows have features that can reduce outside noise, increase energy efficiency, help block drafts and more.

Windows in West Burlington, Iowa

Window Styles

Use the descriptions below to help envision what styles of windows you would like and then come see us to choose the perfect ones for you! We will then send someone out to measure to ensure that the right sizes are ordered and we can connect you with a contractor to install them as well!

We can special order a wide variety of windows including the following styles:

  • Casement

    Attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side.

  • Awning

    Consists of several top-hinged sections arranged in a vertical series, operated by one or more control devices that swing the bottom edges of the sections outward, and designed specially to admit air while keeping out rain.

  • Sliders

    Sliders - opens by sliding horizontally. 

  • Single Hung

    Has one fixed sash (the part of the window that holds the pane). on the top and one moveable sash on the bottom. This allows it to slide up from the bottom, partially covering the top sash. They typically do not have the capability to tilt in and out.

  • Double Hung

    Double Hung - has two stacked, moveable sashes. This allows the window to slide down from the top and up from the bottom meaning both sashes can open at the same time.

  • Picture

    Picture - a large window in a house, usually dominating the room or wall in which it is located, and often designed or placed to present an attractive view.

Our Vendors

Our Vendors, who supply windows with a variety of options to fit any budget, offer many different styles and features. Some of our window vendors include:

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