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If you find yourself looking for a new door, we are able to help you with Exterior, Interior, Commercial Steel, and Garage Doors! We can offer you many options to choose from, measure to ensure the correct fit, and find a reliable contractor to install. Learn more about the different doors we can get for you below and then contact us or come see us today!

Door Types

Flush doors are flat with no detailing or raised area. They look and feel like a single piece of wood. These doors are very common because they tend to be very inexpensive and their simplicity lends easily to matching to other doors or decor. You can paint or stain them a variety of colors. They can be solid or hollow core, depending on the purpose. 

Panel doors are divided into panels or different panes, which can run horizontally or vertically and be raised or recessed in a variety of looks. Therefore they offer more interest, appeal, and detail than flush doors. Usually they have a frame with the panels built into them, which could be the same material as the door, or glass. They can also be solid or hollow core and be painted or stained.

Door Styles

The simplest, most popular type of door in homes today. They have hinges on one side so that they can swing open and close. For the proper swing based on the entrance way of the room, the hinges can be on either side. Hinged doors can be purchased already leveled and hung in a frame, which is called a pre-hung door. This makes installation a lot easier.

These doors slide open instead of swinging open. They move horizontally by gliding on a track that’s mounted either on the base of the floor or on the upper portion of the frame.

Bifold or folding doors are pulled open and fold into two portions that jut outwards. This type of door is usually used for closets or in areas with limited space.

They work somewhat like a sliding door, but they slide on a track along at the top of the door. The doors overlap when slid to the side to save space.

Are great for saving space. The door is built into the wall in a pocket in the drywall next to the opening and it slides in and out of this opening.

The mounting hardware for these doors has become very popular in recent design. The track and rollers are exposed on the wall above the door. Traditionally, the doors were more rustic in look as though they had come from a barn, with slats or pieces of wood linked together. Now the doors come in many varieties to fit with a lot of looks.

These doors tend to come in pairs, usually with glass panes, and they open up into a space. The pair of doors usually opens in the middle where they meet, swinging away from each other to create a large opening.

They are hung on a unique hinge in the center of the door frame which allows the door to pivot so that it can open in either direction depending on the way the user pushes or pulls the door.

Often called stable doors, these doors are divided horizontally in half to allow the bottom portion and the top portion to open and close independent of each other.

Exterior Doors

The first exterior door that comes to mind is your home’s front door.

A beautiful or colorful front entry door can make a memorable first impression. It should also be durable to withstand the ever-changing and sometimes harsh Midwest weather. A well-chosen front door can make a statement about you and your home as well as boosting your home’s value and curb appeal. Let us help you with this important task!

The first step in making the decision on your new front door may be to decide what material works best for your specific needs. Exterior door materials each have their own unique features and pros and cons.  Please read below to discover what may be the best choice for you.

Our vendors offer pre-hung doors to ensures precise fit and no on-site assembly.

Your Front Door as well as other Exterior Doors can be made of:

Still the most popular choice because of its beauty and customizability. Species to choose from include pine, fir, oak, mahogany and maple.  These can be painted or stained a variety of colors. The standard entry door is 3 feet wide and 6 feet 8 inches tall, but wood can be cut to fit an odd size or shape entryway.

A wood door is best installed in a covered area or with a storm door because the elements can cause the wood to sag, warp, and/or peel over time. They will also need to be periodically repainted or refinished as well.  To help with insulation and durability, weather stripping should be included with this purchase.

Insulated steel doors are energy efficient, secure, and durable. Steel doors can be up to five times more insulating than wood doors. They are the most secure doors and require little maintenance. They come in different styles and can be painted in any color. Steel doors are typically less expensive than wood or fiberglass doors.

Steel doors won’t warp like wood, but they can dent and rust. Some finishes may require occasional repainting and they cannot be easily cut down to fit an existing frame.

Made up of composite materials, fiberglass doors are more secure and energy efficient than wood. They are strong, durable, and practically maintenance-free.  Many staining and painting options are available and they can come in a believable wood grain finish as well.

Fiberglass doors can fade, but otherwise, there are few disadvantages. Because of this, they are typically one of the most expensive options.

All of these materials come in looks that can be flush, paneled, and with or without glass. Some of our vendors include:

Interior Doors

The average number of interior doors in a home is 14.  How many are in your home?  Think hinged, bi-fold, pocket, French…

Commercial Steel Doors

Fire rated and non-fire rated for contractors, business owners, and facility management professionals.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors can be made of wood, metal, or fiberglass, and may be insulated to prevent heat loss. Improvements in technology make a tighter fitting door to reduce leaks. Newer designs are more attractive, have new color options and are adaptive to all garage door openers. Low head room kits available. Holmes offers doors with added steel struts, that can withstand wind gusts up to 170 mph.

Options are available with or without glass. Safety containment cables come standard. These cables run through the entire length of the spring to prevent a broken spring from flying loose causing damage or injury.

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