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Standard of Beaverdale is a Platinum Plus Speed Queen Dealer. We have a full line of Speed Queen Washers and Dryers. All Speed Queen Washers and Dryers are made right here in the USA and have 3, 5, and 7 year warranties that come with your purchase.

We have all Front Load and Top Load models in stock now!

Speed Queen Features We Love:

  • Speed Queen Perfect Wash™

    The average family spends almost $2,000 a year on clothing. By anyone’s viewpoint, that’s not a throwaway spend; that’s an investment. So, why would you opt for anything less than the best care possible for that investment? Speed Queen Perfect Wash™ provides a better clean that’s gentle on your clothes. This innovative system links the agitator and tub to provide a gentle, but highly effective, wash action that leverages the power of water to clean. Essentially, it moves water through the clothes…providing a premium wash that safeguards your family’s clothing investment, keeping items looking good for years to come.

  • Speed Queen Classic Clean™

    Grandma had laundry day down cold. Loads flowed from that old Speed Queen as swiftly as pouring glasses of her famous lemonade. Times were simpler then and fabric less technical. But if your fabric care needs lean toward the basic, this 30-year-old classic wash action produces faster cycles (roughly 30 minutes), while delivering clean results equal to Speed Queen Perfect Wash. You’ll get a 210-degree agitation stroke, 60 strokes per minute and a deep fill option that fills the tub. Classic things are classic for a reason – they just work. Sorry, no tailfins option on this classic TC5 beauty.

  • Over-Dry Protection

    We get it, there’s nothing more annoying than opening the dryer door and finding the load isn’t dry. That’s why for years, many of us have dried to the maximum time to head off that scenario. Problem is that over-drying is not good for your laundry. With our Over-Dry Protection feature, we take all we’ve learned on the commercial side and apply it to our Consumer model. That means drying to a set level and then deploying our commercial cooldown technology. Bottom line: better care for your clothes and linens, thereby extending their lives. 

  • Steam

    Worst parts of doing laundry? Folding and ironing. Well, our steam feature can help you with half of that. Our DR7 model leverages the power of steam and offers a variety of life-simplifying features. From a steam refresh to get you out the door fast in a shirt that looks and smells good, to static reduction (toss those dryer sheets in the garbage) to steam boost and steam sanitize, we’ve got so many challenges met. As for the folding…well, at least you won’t find socks stuck to things when you’re doing it…you know, because of the no-static thing.

Top Load Washers


TR7 Ultra-Quiet Top Load Washer with Speed Queen® Perfect Wash™ | 8 Special Cycles | 7-Year Warranty

Product Code: TR7003WN


TC5 Top Load Washer with Speed Queen® Classic Clean™ | No Lid Lock | 5-Year Warranty

Product Code: TC5003WN


TR5 Ultra-Quiet Top Load Washer with Speed Queen® Perfect Wash™ | 5-Year Warranty

Product Code: TR5003WN


TR3 Ultra-Quiet Top Load Washer with Speed Queen® Perfect Wash™ | 3-Year Warranty

Product Code: TR3003WN


SF7 Stacked Washer-Electric Dryer with Sanitize | 5-Year Warranty

Product Code: SF7003WE

American Quality

All Speed Queen Washers and Dryers are made in Ripon, Wisconsin.



Speed Queen Warranty Guarantees: three-, five-, and seven-year bonds. That covers all parts and in home labor. You buy Speed Queen for peace of mind and performance. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and supported for the long haul.

Women's Choice Award

Speed Queen Winner Women's Choice Award 2021

Did you know? Speed Queen was recognized by the Women’s Choice Award as a brand loved by women across America!

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